Welcome to Louisiana Castle! 

The Castle is a replica of an English Norman Keep Castle. It is located on 10 secluded acres which adds to the effect of seeing The Castle for the first time.  As you drive through our gates down Castle View Lane, The Castle suddenly appears and you feel as if you are traveling back in time...

Outdoor Ceremonies

Outdoor ceremonies at The Castle are our specialty. The front of The Castle is the perfect setting for outdoor ceremonies.  Comfortable seating, beautiful decorations, a special outdoor sound system with wireless microphones and, of course, an absolutely beautiful setting make for a perfect outdoor ceremony are the beginning of the many amenities that The Castle has to offer. 

It is truly a breathtaking experience when The Castle door opens and the guests see the Bride for the first time. The Bride can arrange for rose petals to flutter from the balcony above as she descends the 46 steps to take her place beside the groom on the decorated stage beside the landscaped pond.              

*All flowers and equipment is included with any package.
Whether you are planning a traditional ceremony, a Renaissance ceremony, a gothic ceremony or any type of theme wedding, The Castle is the perfect setting for your ceremony and reception. We have staff that will happily assist you.

The Ballroom

The main entrance into The Castle is through the ballroom's double leaded, glass and mahogany doors. The ballroom is the main indoor reception area. Crystal chandeliers, white columns and inlaid floors adorn this glass-enclosed area.  White linens, white chair covers with silver bows and floral centerpieces for the food tables and centerpieces for the guest tables are all included in our standard wedding packages.   And, remember...The Louisiana Castle can accommodate 350 guests during any day or time!  

Beautiful Crystal Chandeliers!

Everything shown here (i.e. flowers, etc...) are included in every package

*Buffet area with gathered satin and silk tablecloths. 
All decorations that are shown is included in any package.

Very spacious seating area!
Our sound system and DJ can provide any music you wish. Whether it's background music, the latest dance music or a sound system for speaking or singing we can provide it.

In its standard configuration, the Ballroom has a bridal table, guest tables, a sound system area, a dance floor area, food tables, a sign-in table with a special Castle guest book and tables for the wedding and groom's cake. The wedding cake table is placed under the main chandelier surrounded by four columns. The cake table is tastefully decorated and comes with the use of a silver cake stand, special cake knife, cake server and champagne glasses.

The Ballroom is one large open room. Additional seating can be added or the dance floor can be enlarged. Because the room is flexible it is perfect for proms or parties of any type!

*Current flower arrangement that is included with any package.

*Decor by Steve is available at an extra cost. 
Guest Book Table

From Left to Right: Gift Table, DJ Booth, Fancy Chair for Garter Toss, Groom's Cake (all will be visible upon arrival into reception area)

The Bar Area

The Pavilion

Adjoining the Ballroom is the 2800 square foot pavilion.  It has a 14 foot cathedral ceiling, white columns and beautiful lighting.  This area expands our seating by 100 seats.  Also, this makes a great area for a band and large dance floor.  From the pavilion your view into the glass enclosed ballroom is unobstructed so you do not miss anything.  

The Pavilion at night

Excellent Photo Opportunities

The Louisiana Castle is abound with many photo opportunities for the perfect bridal portraits and day of wedding pictures.  Here are just a few of the very many...

Distant view of beautiful bridge on the Louisiana Castle Grounds
Angel in the Rose Garden.  Perfect Bridal Shoot area!
Another view of the Rose Garden
Another bridge on the grounds of Louisiana Castle with a waterfall underneath.
Perfect couple's photo opportunity and a place to get away
 from the busy reception for some time for just two of you!

Great photo opportunity awaits you!

The Throne Room

The main room of The Castle is the Throne Room or the Keep. In most English castles the main room is referred to as the Keep. The Castle is a replica of an English Norman Keep Castle. The Throne Room is where the Bride nervously awaits her descent down the outside stairs to the stage below. The Throne Room has replicas of a King's and a Queen's chair, a suit of armor, goats head bench, a wedding sofa, goblets and Castle memorabilia. After outdoor ceremonies, most bridal parties elect to come back up the stairs into the Throne room while the Wedding Recessional plays on our sound system.

Your guests ascend a different set of stairs to the main entrance of the Ballroom. Since the Ballroom is separate from the Throne Room it gives the bride and groom a few moments to compose themselves before they greet their guests. This also gives the bridal party an opportunity to take photographs, get a bite to eat, or simply catch their breaths. Whenever the bride and groom are ready, the door between the Ballroom and Throne Room is opened and our DJ announces "It is a great pleasure to present to you Mr. and Mrs..." as they enter the Ballroom to thunderous applause.

The Throne Room is the perfect place to take photographs regardless of the type of function. Everybody loves to have their photo taken in the King's and Queen's thrones. Prom photos look great when taken next to our suit of armor. The staircase with ornate handrails is perfect for group photos or brides with an ornate wedding gown with train. There are great photo opportunities all around The Castle.

The Groom's Room & 
The Dining Room

The Groom's Room adjoins the Throne Room; this is a separate room with a full bath. The Groom, fathers of the bride and groom and the groomsmen can use this room to get dressed. The room also has additional tables and a sofa sleeper that converts into a queen-size bed for groups staying overnight. This room provides a quiet get-away for guests with sleepy children or crying babies once the reception or party is underway. Also adjoining the Throne Room is the dining room. This beautiful room is surrounded by covered windows and can provide additional seating for large groups. It also provides the wedding party a place to get something to eat before they greet their guests, if they so choose.

The Front Seating Area

All centerpieces, tablecloths and chair covers are included in basic packages.
Perfect area for people to break away and talk a bit!

The Spa

Also downstairs near the pavilion is the screened in whirlpool spa area for our overnight guests.  The spa deck overlooks a wooded ravine and has a water feature.  It is the perfect place to relax and talk about the wonderful day you have had.  

The Juliet Suite

Last, but certainly not least, is the Juliet Suite which is located on the top floor of The Castle. It is a large bedroom with a large dressing area and two full baths. The dressing room has a wall with a large mirror, making it the perfect area for the bridal party to get ready. If you have your ceremony at The Castle, the bridal party is allowed to arrive an hour prior to the ceremony and prepare for the wedding in the Juliet Suite and Groom's Room. The balcony, that overlooks the gardens in front of The Castle, is entered from the Juliet Suite, allowing the bride to watch as her guests arrive at the ceremony site below.

Gorgeous Gold Mirror perfect for Bridal Portraits!
View from the Balcony of the Juliet Suite


The Juliet Suite is an incredibly romantic place to spend your wedding night or any special occasion. The Castle is not like a bed and breakfast. When you spend the night at The Castle, you have exclusive use of the ENTIRE castle, not just a room. When your reception or event is over, we do a brief clean up and turn the entire castle over to you. This allows the bride and groom to wander around The Castle reliving their reception, or relax in the whirlpool spa.

The uniqueness and flexibility of our facility allows us to offer packages that other facilities can not. Rather than rush to the church, then take a limousine to the reception, and then another limousine ride to a hotel to spend your wedding night in a plain hotel room, you can arrive at The Castle an hour before the ceremony and not have to leave till the next day. This is much less stressful and makes your wedding night as special as your wedding day. It also eliminates the need for expensive limousines.

At The Castle we attempt to provide the best service possible. We are flexible and open to suggestions. If you want something special, just ask. No matter what type of event you have at The Castle, our staff will do its best to make it as perfect as possible.